• Instructions:  When you click on this link, save this in your class folder on the student shared drive.

  • Save as food label worksheet.  Type your answers in the blanks.

Planning a Food Label

Review the following websites before attempting to design the label.


Create a Food Label 
Go to penzu.com. Sign up. This will be where you will turn in your current events each week. To find the due dates, look on the calendar or on your paper. These dates are non-negotiable.
Once you have signed up for Penzu go to twiducate.com. Sign up. The class code is facs1. This is where you will "tweet" your links or anything else that is assigned for class. Check this often! I have included an example of what your current event should look like. DO NOT COPY MY CURRENT EVENT.
There are bookmarks of where you can find current events. I could only place four, so you will need to search other sources for current events. If you need any help, please ask!