• Visual and Performing Arts Programs

    Students who enjoy the visual and performing arts will find a program that suits them at one of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County arts magnet schools. Magnet schools offer opportunities for students to develop their special talents and abilities at every grade level and in all areas of the arts.

    At magnet schools, teachers use the arts in all academic areas so that students benefit from arts instruction every day. In addition, arts magnet schools also offer specialized instruction in the arts at least once a week. Students have multiple experiences to perform in front of their classmates and in the community to demonstrate what they are learning in the classroom. 

    At visual and performing arts magnet schools,

    • Arts opportunities include orchestra, band, visual arts, dance, choral music and drama.
    • Some arts magnet schools offer additional courses such as film making, photography, piano, guitar, animation and gymnastics; inquire at the schools in which you are interested for more information.
    • Visiting professionals work with students as part of intensive “artist-in-residency” programs.
    • Field trips are offered throughout the school year to see professional productions.
    • Partnerships with arts agencies provide opportunities for students to attend performances and learn about careers in the arts

    Elementary magnet schools offering visual and performing arts:

    Diggs-Latham Elementary School
    • Arts and Global Studies
    Mineral Springs Elementary School
    • Renzulli Academy of Arts and Technology

    Middle school magnets offering visual and performing arts:

    Mineral Springs Middle School

    • Arts and Leadership
    High school magnets offering visual and performing arts:

    Parkland Magnet High School
    • Internationalism and the Arts
    Reynolds High School
    • Visual and Performing Arts


Last Modified on October 1, 2012