• Classroom Guidelines

    Mr. March/ English II


    One of the best ways to succeed is to observe those who are successful and learn from their actions. Welcome to class—I am here to help you succeed.



    1—Come to class prepared. Supplies include: necessary book(s), loose-leaf paper, pencil, pen (blue or black ink), and a 3 ring binder (1.5 inches) with divided sections. This binder is important. All notes, vocabulary lists, vocabulary sentences, handouts, worksheets, assignment sheets, and in-class writings are to be kept in order. This will help you when it is time to study for quizzes, tests, and with major projects. I will check binders periodically for a quiz grade.

    2—Turn assignments in on time: It is your responsibility to track due dates for assignments. It is your responsibility to make-up missed quizzes, tests, and yes I do give pop quizzes—if you miss a class—ask a friend to fill you in. You have three (3) days to turn in make-up work. You have three (3) days to take a missed quiz or test. Major projects are due on the assigned date—the consequence is eight points (8 points) off for each day late up to five (5) days—after five days a zero (0) is the grade.

    3—I begin class five minutes after the class change bell rings. Be in your assigned seat at the appointed time and be ready to begin class. When I am talking—no one else is talking. The Tardy policy of Atkins High School is in effect in my classroom.

    4—Be positive, it is a good habit to develop! My class is a no whine zone. Whining annoys me and it hurts my ears—so don’t.

    5—Attendance is important. It is essential that you are in class the entire 90 minutes. I know your social life is important—put it on hold during class.

    6—Do your own work! Cheating, copying and plagiarism are serious offences and will result in a zero (0) for the assignment. The Atkins Honor Code is in effect in my classroom.

    7—Practice good judgment and common sense—do not interfere with others’ right to learn in a safe, non-threatening environment that is free of disruptions.

    8—Do not throw anything to anyone in class. We will discuss an eating/drinking policy. Turn your CELL PHONE OFF before you enter the classroom. Cell phones are not to be used in class—for any reason.

    9—Progress reports are given out according to the school schedule. Updated grades will be posted in NCWISE on a regular basis.

    10—The grading scale is posted in the room. The scale is the WSFCS Scale required by the school board. Semester grades are calculated using the numeric average of the quarter and exam grades: 1st Quarter=37.5%, 2nd Quarter=37.5%, Semester Exam=25%.

    Grading Policy:

    Tests/Projects/Formal Papers (40%)

    Quizzes (35%)—Weekly vocabulary, pop, binder check and TBA quizzes apply.

    Homework/Classwork (15%)—Some will be graded, and some will be checked for completion. Assume that EVERYTHING you produce in this class is for a grade.

    Class Participation (10%)—A “100” (that isan A) will be given to each student at the beginning of each quarter. The student is responsible for maintaining that “A” by following the class and school rules, completing all assigned work, and being prepared for class.

    This year is important. No one who gives her/his best effort will fail. Ask me for help—anytime you need it—I am here to help you succeed. Your best interest and success is my goal. I accept my responsibility to be your advocate.

    Robert C. March Jr. 





    I have read—and understand this document. I have read—and understand the Atkins High School Handbook. I acknowledge and accept my responsibility to follow and abide by the rules of Atkins High School, WSFCS—and Mr. March’s guidelines.


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