• East Forsyth High School

    Freshman Orientation

    Parent Meeting

    Monday, August 22, 2011




    12:30               Presentation of Colors                                                  EFHS JROTC

                            Pledge of Allegiance


    12:35               Madrigals and Caprice  Director                        Winston Stephens


    12:45               Welcome to Parents                 PTSA President            Jill Lindstrom

                            Band Boosters                          President                      Jimmy Darden

                            Orchestra Information                                                   Lisa Baril

                            Athletic Boosters                      President                      Jeff Taylor

                            Athletic Requirements   Athletic Director           Tim White

                            S.A.V.E.                                  Sponsor                       Ginnie Tate


    1:05                 Introduction of Counselors        Guidance Director        Cheryle Belo


    1:10                 School Safety                           SRO                            Jimmy Deeney


    1:15                 Final Remarks                          Principal                       Patricia Gainey


    1:30                 Parents will meet student in courtyard to attend classes.


    Homeroom                   1:30                 1:45                                         A/B Day

    1st period                      1:50                 2:15                                         2:05 - 2:15

    2nd period                     2:20                 2:45                                         2:35 - 2:45

    3rd period                     2:50                 3:15                                         3:05 - 3:15

    4th period                     3:20                 3:45                                         3:35 – 3:45


    ********        If your student has an A/B day class during a period, you will leave                                at approximately the midpoint of the above time(s) to meet the B day                                    teacher.  The time will be announced via the intercom.  Also, you will                                    only be meeting the 1st semester regular block teachers today.  2nd                                             semester regular block teachers will be met in January.




    3:45                 Students and parents will return to the courtyard for refreshments.