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       Reading will be the most important aspect of the 1st grade curriculum. It will be combined with writing, phonics, phonemic awareness and spelling. Our "Imagine It" series focuses on each of these subjects taught individually and combined.
      Take home readers will be sent home on Mondays as homework. These take home readers are simple at first, and then become more difficult as the year progresses. Some weeks a worksheet will be sent home with the reader for you and your child to fill out.
       Ex. 1.List the setting, characters, events of story you read.

                   2. Retell the story in your own words. Can you tell what the author's purpose for writing the book is? Can you make a personal connection to this book?

                   3. List what happened 1st, next, then last in the story.

    Learning the word wall words, and the spelling words weekly will help your child be more successful in reading and writing. Reading should be fun, and of interest to your child. Choose books that your child can relate to when they are reading for fun.
    Happy Reading!