Study Skills Class

     Study Skills Class is a place that gives students additional supports they need to be successful at school through:

    1)      Keeping up with assignments & organization

    2)      Learning skills needed to work with others

    3)      Strategies for managing their school day

     Additional remedial help is provided based on students’ needs.

      Supplies Needed

    • Paper
    • Pen or Pencil
    • Any books, worksheets, or materials that are needed to complete assignments for classes

    Class Expectations

    • Be on time
    • Be prepared
    • Good Attitude
    • Be Willing to work with others
    • Give your best effort

    Study Skills is not a "free period." You earn credit for this class and are expected to work.

    Daily assignments are given and completed in class.


    You will earn two types of grades in this class--an academic grade and a class participation grade.

    · Academic grade is based on assignments given in class.

    · Class Participation grade is based on participation in class activities.

     All school policies as outlined in the student handbook will be followed.

     Class Topics

    Study Skills

    Social Skills

    Goal Setting

    Listening Skills



    Research Skills


    Time Management

    Boring Moments

    Steps for Communication

    Expected & Unexpected Behaviors

    Managing Emotions

    Nonverbal Communication

    Participation in Groups

    Perspective Taking

    Problem Solving