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    Rules/Procedures for 2011-2012

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    The school system Administration Regulation 6161.2 "Acceptable Use Regulations for Internet Access by Students," controls much of what we can and cannot do while using our computers and other resources.  The computer regulations, the system-wide guidelines, and West Forsyth's policies can be found at http://winstonsalem.nc.schoolwebpages.com/westforsyth.


    To clarify these regulations, I expect you to follow the following rules:


    1.  If it is not appropriate for West Forsyth, it is not appropriate for our technology class.

    2.  Enter the classroom quickly and move to your assigned seat.

    3.  Remain seated until the bell rings and you are dismissed.

    4.  During instructional time, be quiet, stay seated unless told to do otherwise by your teacher.

    5.  Do not blurt out comments or inappropriate answers; raise your hand to be called upon.

    6.  At no time can any software be used to depict inappropriate or offensive material as stated in the

         West Forsyth Student Handbook, WSFCS System Policies, and teacher restrictions.

    7.  Do not touch other student's computer, person, or personal belongings.

    8.  Store book bags and personal items on the floor under your desk.

    9.  Tardy notes will not be written to your next class if you leave our class late.

    10. Work must be made-up within two days of each absence.

    11. No food, drinks, or candy are allowed.  Bottled water is permitted, but must be store on the floor.

    12. Water and restroom visits should be limited to emergencies.  Cell phones are not to be used when you are excused.

    13.  Do not use or have out in class: iPods, CD players, cell phones, cameras, games or other electronic devices.


    We also expect you to follow these computer/network related procedure:


    14. Each student's work must be saved to that student's network location.

    15. Students can only delete folders or files that he/she created.

    16. Students cannot open or use another student's work from the networks, internet, portable drives; nor can you print your work for another student nor accept work from another student.

    17. Printing is allowed by teacher approval only.

    18. Students may not print items for personal use.

    19. Default settings should not be altered; hardware cannot be moved or removed.  Do not plug or unplug any hardware.

    20. Any hardware used in this course is the responsibility of the student assigned to that station.  If you detect a problem with the hardware, notify a teacher immediately.  Otherwise, we will assume the damage occurred during your use.

    21. The Internet cannot be used in the classroom except when allowed by the teacher.

    22. Students cannot download from or upload to the Internet or copy software to or from any computer (this includes but is not limited to games, programs, videos, music, software updates).

    23. Research from the Internet must be used only as a source to be cited and cannot be copies (cut/paste).

    24. Students may not listen to music or watch videos unless approved by a teacher.



    25.Some sites are not allowed: email, instant messaging, blogs, MySpace or similar sites, chat rooms, bulletin boards, discussion groups, games, or any site that requires your personal log in and your personal password; plus sites that would not be allowed under WSFCS and West Forsyth regulations or specific teacher additions throughout the year.

    26. The Local Internet may not be accessed other than through your assigned login.  Any indication of using the Local Internet for any purpose other than teacher directed will be addressed as a discipline issue.

    27. Spell check and print preview all assignments before you print anything.


    The computers are shared by other classes each day and are provided for your use in studying and researching curriculum material as assigned by your teacher.  We ask that you and your parent/guardian sign below indicating that you have read, understand, and will abide by these rules and procedure and those set forth by WSFCS and West Forsyth High School.


    I have read the rules and procedures on the reverse side and agree to abide by them and the WSFCS and West Forsyth regulations during the 2011-2012 school year.  Should I chose to disobey, I understand that discipline could include one or more of the following:  Detention, conference with student/teacher, conference with student/teacher/parent, disciplinary action by the administration to include ISS, OSS, suspension of Internet use, suspension of computer use and/or schedule change.


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    Student may not sign for parent or guardian:

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    Thank you for your adherence to these rules and procedures.  Return this entire sheet to the teacher listed below.  This form will be kept on file for the entire school year.  Please make a copy to keep at home or print one from the teacher website.


    Email: dsouther@wsfcs.k12.nc.us                          Teacher: Mrs. Southers