• Honors Music History
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    This class is somewhere in between a music history course and a music appreciation course. Essentially, it is music appreciation with a chronological approach, with three objectives:
    p>   1.      Often we think of composers as transcendent - somehow outside of regular historical time and space. The first objective of this class is to put composers back into the historical context where they lived. (Is it strange to consider that Haydn was a contemporary of the American Revolution?) Listen, understand, and enjoy key compositions from each musical time period.


       2.      The second objective of this class is to give students a general background of the development of various musical styles within the Western classical tradition, so they can enjoy music with an educated ear.

       3.      The third and greatest objective of this class is that it should be fun. As the year proceeds, each student will discover there is some music he or she really likes and some music he or she doesn’t care for. Ideally, students will both find their niche and gain respect for the music that isn’t their favorite.

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