2015-2016 Concerts
     Winter Dance Concert: December 9 2015(5:30pm), December 10-11 2015(7:00pm)
    Honors/Senior Dance Concert: February 25-26 2016, 6pm
    Spring Dance Concert: May 4 2016 (5:30pm), May 5-6 2016 (7:00pm) 

    Participation in the dance concert and practices is mandatory.  Participation in any kind of dress rehearsal (after school or during school) is mandatory. 


    By March 17, 2016 you must inform Mrs. Harwell if you plan on missing the concert due to family trips/graduations etc (you will still learn the choreography and participate in class). After this date, choreography will be taught and set and absences during the concert will not be excused unless family or medical emergency.

    *The only exception to missing the concert without prior approval is a family or medical emergency. (IE: death in the family, hospital/DR note). Work and Sports are not exceptions to missing the concert/practices. If you are absent several days during learning choreography, the teacher has the right to remove you from the concert possibly resulting in lowering scores for grades.

    Rehearsal Dates:

    Monday May2, 4-6 pm -- all dancers stay after school; FULL DRESS REHEARSAL

    Tuesday May 3, 4-6 pm -- all dancers stay after school; FULL DRESS REHEARSAL

    Wednesday May 4, 4-7:30pm – all dancers stay after school; Dance concert starts at 5:30pm

    Thursday May 5 and Friday May 6 – Dance Concert starts at 7:00pm*Dancers may stay after school if necessary in dance room. If not, all dancers must arrive at 5:30 to their assigned dressing room.

    *We will be ordering pizza on each day for the concert. If you stay with the dance teachers after school, bring money the day before to pay for your food.

    If you plan on playing Winter sports it is your responsibility to inform your coaches of the concert dates as soon as you make the team. Once we start dance choreography you will be placed in the dance for a grade. If you are unwilling to communicate with the teachers and coaches - you will be liable for grades being dropped. 

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Last Modified on March 10, 2016