SMOD FAQ:  How do I know that I am in SMOD?

    1. Does your shirt or blouse have a collar (fold down collar, Mandarin collar, mock collar), or is it a turtleneck or dress shirt/blouse? The answer must be yes in order to be in SMOD.  Photos of approved shirts / blouses are here. No see through, sheer or low cut shirts/blouses are allowed.

    1. Is your shirt, blouse, hoodie, pants, dress or skirt in the right color? (Remember, RED is not a SMOD color and blue jeans are not allowed). Attire must be in SMOD colors!  Shades of yellow (like gold), gray (light or dark) or purple (like lavender) are permissible.  Denim pants are allowed as long as they are in SMOD colors.  

    1. Do you have layered garments showing underneath your shirt or blouse and if so are they the right color? Layered garments like the ones shown here may be worn underneath SMOD appropriate shirts. Colors for layered garments are the same as for shirts, blouses, and light outer garments. 

    1. Are you wearing a vest, sweater, or light jacket over your shirt or blouse and if so is it in the right color? (Remember that these should have small logos only unless they are Atkins hoodies.) Light outerwear worn in the building must be worn over a SMOD appropriate shirt.  It must be in one of the approved colors.

    1. Do your shorts, pants, dresses or skirts come to the top of your knee?  If not, please change into a school appropriate outfit. 

    1. Do your shorts, pants, or skirts have extras patch or cargo pockets on the legs? Extra patch pockets or cargo pockets on the legs of shorts or pants are not allowed.  Extra patch pockets on skirts are also not allowed.

    1. What happens if I come to school not dressed in SMOD?  Students who come to school not dressed in SMOD will have to go to the clothing closet to borrow SMOD (if available) to wear or wait in ISS until parents bring appropriate clothing to school.  Repeat offenders will have a disciplinary referral. Students should be dressed in SMOD by the start of the first period each day. Students who borrow SMOD from the clothing closet and fail to return the items will be billed $5.00  for the replacement cost of those items.

    1. When do I wear SMOD?  Students are required to wear SMOD during the regular school day (8:55 - 3:40).  Students who have first period PE may come to school dressed for that class and change into SMOD before proceeding to second period.