• Classroom Mangement Plan

    1.  Come to school prepared to learn.

    2.  Listen carefully and follow directions.

    3.  Stay in seats during instructional time.

    4.  Raise hands and wait patiently to be called on.

    5.  Take responsibility for your actions.

    6.  Do your best!

    School-wide responsibilities

    1.  Show respect and cooperate with adults in the school.

    2.  Respect the rights of others to learn without distraction or disruption.

    3.  Show repect for people and property by not swearing, stealing, or vandalizing.

    4.  Practice safety by not running, pushing, or fighting.


    1.  Warning, verbal or non-verbal.

    2.  Lose of free-time.

    3.  Note sent home.

    4.  Phone call home/parent conference.

    5.  Severe behavior requires an immediate visit to the office and parent contact.


    1.. Praise.

    2.  Free homework pass.

    3.  Extra free time.

    4.  Note sent home.