• Current Events will be turned in once a quarter.  Current event hand outs will be distributed in Health class.  Will count 25 % of your final quarter grade.
    1. Find a story or article from a recent magazine, internet or newspaper that relates to health, not sports!  Do not use an advertisement!
    2. Cut out the article so you can attach it to the current event.  (You can bring in the magazine to show me if you do not wish to cut it up.)
    3. After reading the article; on a separate sheet of paper fill out the following:
        a.  your name, date and class period
        b.  summarize the main idea of the article
        3-5 sentences for 6th graders
        5-7 sentences for 7th graders
        7-9 sentences for 8th graders
    4. Highlight (on the article itself) 3 words another student your grade may not know the definition in the dictionary and write it under your summary or the article.