•    Classroom Rules
    1.  Be respectful.
    2.  Be responsible. 
    3.  Be safe.

    4.  Have fun. 
    Behavior Management System
    The behavior chart in our classroom asks "How is your day?".  Each child has a set of 5 (five) cards that indicate what kind of day he/she is having in the classroom.
    Star = I had an AWESOME DAY!!!!
    Green = I had a verbal reminder to follow the rules.
    Yellow = I had a conference with the teacher.
    Peach = I had 10 (ten) minutes of time out.
    Blue = I received 1 (one) point in "The Book".  My teacher will be calling or sending a note home to be signed and returned.  (10 (Ten) points in "The Book" will result in a Discipline Referral (D-1) to the office.)