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     Spanish I refers to the entire 6th, 7th and 8th Grade program


    Spanish I—Benchmarks  





    1A—Students will use culturally and regionally appropriate greetings, farewells, and introductions, and expressions of courtesy.

    1B—Students will express their likes, dislikes, and preferences for things and activities.

    1C—Students will share information about school schedules and activities.

    1D—Students will identify and requests foods for a variety of meals.

    1E—Students will describe their activities throughout the year and how frequently they do them.

    1F—Students will plan activities, invite family and friends, respond to invitations, and share event information.*

    1G—Students will identify and describe family relationships.

    1H—Students will describe themselves and others.

    1I—Students will compare and contrast people, things, and activities.

    1J—Students will describe where they live and household chores.

    6 Grade Spanish

    1A Que te gusta hacer? 
    Vocabulary: activities & expression for saying what you like and don't like to do.
    Grammar: infinitives, making negative statements.

    1 B "Y tu como eres?"
    Vocabulary: talk about personality traits, ask and tell what people are like , use adjectives to describe people, understand cultural perspective on friendship
    Grammar: adjectives, definite & indefinite articles; word order

    2 A "Tu dia en la escuela"
    Vocabulary: talk about school schedule and subjects, classroom items & furniture; parts of the classroom
    Grammar: subject pronouns; the present tense of ar verbs

    2 B "Tu sala de clases"
    Vocabulary: classroom items & furniture; parts of the classroom, prepositions of location
    Grammar: The verb estar, plurals of nouns and articles

    7 Grade
    Sept.-Oct./Review Chapters 1A-2A
    1A "Que te gusta hacer?" 
    1 B "Y tu como eres?"
     2 A  "Tu dia en la escuela" 

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    2 B "Tu sala de clases"
    Vocabulary: classroom items & furniture; parts of the classroom, prepositions of location
    Grammar: The verb estar, plurals of nouns and articles

    3 A "Desayuno o almuerzo?"
    Vocabulary: foods, beverages, adverbs of frequency; expressions to show surprise
    Grammar: present tense of er & ir verbs; me gusta(n), me encanta (n)

    3 B "Para mantener la salud"
    Vocabulary: food, beverages, expressions to discuss health;  preferences, agreement, disagreement & quantity; adjectives to describe food.
    Grammar: the plural of adjectives; the verb ser

    4 A "Adonde vas?
    Vocabulary: Talk about locations in your community, discuss leisure activities, talk about where you go and with whom
    Grammar: interrogative words, Verb  ir "to go"

    4 B "Quieres ir conmigo?
    Vocabulary:  talk about activities outside of school, extend, accept and decline invitatons, tell when an event happens
    Grammar: Verb Jugar, ir+a+infinitive