• MATH    math
    We are learning about division, measurement, area models, and word problems!

    Please continue to help your child practice multiplication and division facts at home, in the car, waiting in line, while getting ready, etc.

    Early finishers and advanced learners have the opportunity to work in a Math Challenge folder.  The folder consists of math problems, activities, and websites that will provide the student with more challenging math concepts.

    We also have interactive whiteboard games and activities, file folder games, magnet sets (money, place value, and fractions), card games, cubes, charts, flash cards, and dice that we use to reinforce and review concepts taught in fourth grade.

    READING  books
    In fourth grade, we continue to focus on reading skills and strategies for analyzing and comprehending fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as poetry.

    We will be reading short stories from our textbooks to practice skills.  Students will also be working in literature circles to read novels to increase their understanding of literary components.

    To help students continue to progress, they will be asked to read nightly and respond in their reading journals.

    WRITING  pencils
    Even though there is a particular time set aside for writing, writing is also incorporated into all other subjects.  Students respond to writing prompts at different times throughout the week and use writing as a component of final projects in science and social studies. 

    Students will be writing RESEARCH PAPERS during Second Quarter. 
    Spelling- Spelling lists are differentiated for each student.  Homework activities can be completed online through Spelling City, or on paper...whatever works best for your child!  
    SOCIAL STUDIES  notebook
    We will be alternating between social studies and science unit every few weeks.  

    During Second Quarter, we will be learning about North Carolina's history, culture, and government!
    SCIENCE  microscope

    Second Quarter, students will be studying Earth in the Universe (moon phases and what causes day and night), as well as volcanoes, landslides, earthquakes, weathering, and erosion!