• The First Three Weeks

    The first three weeks of school is an exciting time for both teachers and students.  Students are becoming acclimated to the classroom, a new teacher, and making new friends.  Teachers are learning more about the new students and how to relate to them, laying a foundation for success for the remainder of the year.
    The start of the kindergarten year can be a time of excitement mingled with some nervousness.  Kindergartners need some time to become acclimated to their new routine.  We request that parents not plan to come share lunch with students until September 30 to allow children to adjust to their new routine and to prevent any "separation anxiety" problems.
    I will begin making beginning of the year telephone conferences to all class families over the next 2 weeks to learn more about your child and how we can work together as a parent-teacher team to  make their kindergarten experience a great one. 
    Your child has been assigned a student number
    It is used in the cafeteria & library.  It will be the same number until they graduate from senior high school. 
    It is very important that your child learns their number as soon as possible.