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    This 7th grade math course is taken from the CCSS Common Core State Standards, recently adopted by North Carolina.  The five 
    categories that will be covered :
                          **The Number System
                                 **Ratios and Proportional Relationships
                                 **Expressions and Equations
                                 **Statistics and Probability
          BE PROMPT - Arrive to class on time and take your seat.   
          BE PREPARED - Come to class daily with your binder filled with loose leaf paper and graph paper.  Also bring your pencil pouch (lots of regular pencils and
                                          colored pencils), and calculator (optional).  Have your homework complete and ready to check first thing.
          BE POLITE - Treat others with kindness and respect at all times.  This includes your classmates, your teachers, guests, and yourself.  Use appropriate words
                                          and tone when speaking to others and always be sure to listen to others when the situation requires it.
    Assignments and Grading Breakdown

    CLASSWORK – 15%

    Students are expected to fully participate in class.  What    happens daily in class helps prepare them for all other    assignments and experiences in class.    All work should be kept in a math notebook.  


    HOMEWORK – 15%

    Assigned daily, homework will be expected at the start of the period.  We move quickly in math and practice is essential to move forward.  Students must show all work (on any assignment) to receive full credit.  When absent, you need to check either the Absentee notebook and/or the teacher as well as the Table of Contents and website.                  

    QUIZZES – 30%

    Both announced and unannounced quizzes will be given.  Getting in the habit of reviewing nightly will help students be prepared and more confident.
    TESTS/PROJECTS         40%

    Tests will be announced at least 2 days in advance.  Review will occur in class prior to the test, but students also need to rework problems at home.  Projects will be assigned throughout the year and specific guidelines will be distributed with the assignments.

       A:  100  --  93 

     B:   92  --  85
      C:   84  --  77

    D:   76  -- 70
        F:  Below 70
    We are here to work together to help you achieve all you can achieve.  The only question I can't answer is the one you never ask! 
    Here is the school and county supply list:

       Two or Three 1" to 1.5" binder with dividers
       Packs of loose leaf paper
       Packs of #2 pencils
       Pens: Black, Blue and Red
       pack of highlighters
       glue sticks
       Pencil Pouch
       Index Cards
       Dry erase makers
       2 pocket folders with prongs (to use in core and elective classes)
       Composition Notebooks
       pack of colored pencils or markers
       pack of graph paper    
       book bag
       hand sanitizer
       box of Kleenex