• Rebecca Cooke
    7th Grade Science
    Welcome to the wonderful world of science!!

    Course Description:


      Seventh grade science builds on the concepts and skills acquired in kindergarten through sixth grade. The concepts studied at the seventh grade level include:

    1st Quarter:  We will study the structures and functions of living things including cells and the human body.   

    2nd Quarter:  We will study genetics including cellular reproduction and patterns of inheritance.


    3rd Quarter:  We will study forces/motion and energy transfer and conservation,


    4th QuarterWe will study the Earth’s atmosphere/water and weather and climate.

     Daily Schedule
    1st Period: 8:10-9:53
     2nd Period: 9:56-10:38

        3rd Period: 10:41-11:26

          4th Block:  11:29-12:29   

         Lunch:    1:03 - 1:33

      5th Period: 12:32-2:03

    6th Period: 2:05-3:05
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