• This is the place to find homework assignments.
    We will begin our full homework routine the week of Sept. 6th. The assignments will be reviewed in class the following day. Please attend to completing each assignment the night it is assigned.

    Math:  We will begin working on Numeration and Place Value Concepts. For support with this, you may want to log on to our math textbook at http://www.pearsonsuccessnet.org/  using your code or the classwide code- (I will post online access here as soon as it's available.)
         User Name:  (Private for each student)  
         Password: mathonline!Math homework will be assigned each night in the textbook, homework book, online, or written in the journal.
    Students should read for at least 30 minutes each night. Students will begin with a novel of their choice.
    We will begin our new novel with more specific tasks written tasks the week of Sept. 8th.
    You may need to either print these Literature Circle pages, or you may use them as a guide and write answers on a piece on notebook paper. Due dates will vary depending on the students' literature circle groups. Literature Circles PagesLiterature Circle Pages 1617
    Wordly Wise: We will begin the first week. Please remember to be finished with the night's work and be prepared to check it the next day. Here is access to some of the features of the workbook online. Unfortunately, they do not publish the workbook pages here! http://www.wordlywise3000.com/word_lists/ 
    • We will begin the tasks in class and students will complete them at home each night.
    • Word Work will focus on the Greek and Latin Roots found in the words. 
    • We will work on the same list for two weeks.