• Science Rocks!
    Name: Jessalyn N. Woods
    Subject: 8th-9th Grade Science
    Contact info: jnwoods@wsfcs.k12.nc.us       
       John F. Kennedy High School is one of the best kept secrets of the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School District.  At Kennedy, students entering the 8th-9th grade program who have been retained have the chance to enter high school with as many as five high school credits.  As a result, students entering the 8th-9th grade program at Kennedy have the opportunity to advance to the 9th grade with high school credit. What does this mean for students?  Traditionally, students meeting the requirements of 8th grade are promoted to the 9th grade without any credits counting toward high school graduation. 
       In the 8th-9th program, students can earn credits that count  toward high school graduation positioning them closer to earning their high school diploma.  This program is ideal for students who have the ability to excel academically but need additional support and encouragement.  The learning community is small which provides time for one-on-one interaction with the teacher, collaborative partner work, and small group interaction.
       In science, students work with partners, in small groups, or individually exploring the nature of science. Smaller class sizes afford us more time to delve deeper into topics of study.  Students use multimedia tools, such a video clips, interactive websites, and laptops (each student has access to his/her own computer during class).  In addition to using technology, students take field trips to extend their learning.  All students are expected to become proficient as 21st century learners while also developing the habits of successful students.  
       Welcome to a unique school filled with lots of knowledge and new learning experiences.  At John F. Kennedy, students are a part of a learning community.  During our time together, we will share many valuable experiences about the nature of science,  technology, and becoming a good steward over our planet.  All students are expected to put forth their best effort as they prepare for a career and/or college.  Working together, we will get the job done. 

    Graduation Requirements Link: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/curriculum/home/graduationrequirements.pdf