• Mrs. Rae Hurley
    Life Management Skills
    Physical Education 
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    About Life Management Skills: 
    In order to prepare our young people to become responsible, caring, and educated members of society, we will be studying what it means to grow up caring for yourself and others.
      The values that will be taught are those that you are already teaching at home. They include the universal values of caring, respect, responsibility, integrity, perseverance, courage, and self-discipline.
      I hope that you will be involved in your teenagers' school life. Periodically I will ask students to take what they've learned beyond the classroom and apply it in some way. Sometimes I will ask them to involve you, as in one of our first lessons.
      I will keep you informed of our activities and suggest ways you can extend what we are doing. I invite you to participate as much as you can. And I hope that you will share your ideas and suggest ways that what you are doing at home can be extended at school.
    *Please see the attachments on my Document Manager page for more information about Life Skills.
    About Physical Education:
    The Physical Education classes follow guidelines established in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. We will focus on developing skill and competency in both team sports and individual lifetime activities. We have incorporated the SPARK program into our curriculum, and will be adding FitnessGram in the 2010-11 school year. Once the new building is completed, we will take full advantage of our new cardio-fitness lab, which has been made available due to the PEP Grant the school system/state has received.
    *Please see the attachments on my Document Manager page for more information about Physical Education.