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    Posted by Rae Hurley on 8/31/2010 1:00:00 PM
    Service Project worksheets with the front of page completely filled in, top of the back of page (above dotted line) completely filled in, and parent signature at the bottem as well as on the top of the "Project Opportunities" page was due on March 4th. In order to have this completed correctly, the student must have discussed with his/her parent what organization to complete all 10 service hours and have contacted the organization to confirm that they will allow the student to volunteer. This makes up 20% of the students 3rd quarter grade! The remainder of the worksheet completely filled in, signed by recipient of the organization with dates and times listed, and all 10 hours completed is due on May 13th. This will make up 20% of the students 4th quarter grade.
    Mrs. Hurley
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