Ms. McGready’s Syllabus


    Social Studies 7/8 LEAP


    About the Class:

    In this Social Studies class, we will focus on United States and North Carolina History from Colonization to Modern times.


    Class Expectations:

    I expect all students to do their best, follow directions, be respectful, and be responsible. If we all live up to these expectations, we will have a school year that none of us will ever forget!


    Classroom Materials:

    Class materials include one composition book for class warm ups, one plastic pocket and clip folder for classwork, a pen, and a homework folder (for those students using them). Students are to bring their materials to class everyday. All assignments, except those designated, are required to written in pen. Pencils are not to be used in Ms. McGready's class unless specifically allowed for a particular assignment. Failure to bring class materials or use the proper writing utensil could result in lower academic grades.




               Tests/Quizzes:             40%           Classwork/Projects:           40%

               Warm Ups:              10%           Homework:                10%


    Each assignment will be worth a set number of points. In order to find the percent grade for that assignment, take the total points received and divide by the total number of points possible.


    Although countywide Progress Reports are sent out every 3 weeks, students grades are posted in the classroom each Friday. 


    Class Procedures:

    For general activities, students will adhere to the CHAMPs instructions given. CHAMPs is an acronym for a learning directive, which allows students and teachers to understand what is expected of them for a particular activity. Other procedures are as follows:


    ·       Use of Classroom Items: ask permission before using general classroom items; if the teacher is absent, you are not to borrow items

    ·       Make a Comment or Ask/Answer a Question: raise your hand

    ·       Need to Get Up or Change Seats: raise your hand and ask permission, unless directed by CHAMPs

    ·       Seating Arrangements: sit in assigned seat, unless directed via CHAMPs

    ·       Gum: gum is only allowed to be chewed discreetly (no bubbles of smacking); if a student is caught putting gun under desks or on furniture, consequences will be given

    ·       Food and Drinks: there is to be no food or drinks used in the classroom

    ·       Need of Kleenex: raise hand, get permission, and quietly get Kleenex; then, return to your seat

    ·       Have Garbage/Recycling: hold all garbage/recycling until the end of class; put all garbage in the garbage can at the end of class


    ·       Group Work: follow CHAMPs guidelines and respect other group members; you are to work with the assigned members of your group, listen to each other’s points of view regarding the work, do your share of work, and help clean up

    ·       End of Group Work: clean up all materials and put them away, put all furniture back to appropriate spots, pick up all garbage

    ·       Make Up Work: if you are absent, go to the front shelf and look in the Make Up Book for work missed; worksheets can be found in files (behind Make Up Book); notes can be copied from friend or get copies from teacher to copy; for Warm Ups: write “absent” for day of absence, draw a line, and get it stamped

    ·       Completion of All Work Before Class Ends: work on homework assignments for Social Studies and/or other classes; do make up work for Social Studies and/or other classes; read

    ·       Need to Leave the Room: you must have a green ticket, raise your hand and express your need to the teacher; the teacher will decide if you may go

    ·       Beginning of Class: class starts as soon as you walk into the room; you are Tardy if you are not seated and working on your Warm Up when the teacher closes the door

    ·       End of Class: clean up materials; put all furniture back into appropriate spots, pick up and throw out all garbage; quietly sit in assigned seat and wait to be dismissed



    In this classroom homework is usually in the form of Worksheets, Projects, Vocabulary, or Studying for Tests or Quizzes. Parents and students can keep current on what is happening in class by logging on to the Ms. McGready's web link via the Kennedy High School website. Class work and homework is posted daily on this site. 


    Late Work:

    All work is expected to be turned in on their due dates. Any work that is not turned in on the due date and at the appropriate time will be considered late. Late work may be turned inone dayafter the due date for up to 70%. If a student does not turn in late work within that one day grace period, the work will not be accepted for a grade. Students will not be reminded to turn in late work. It is their responsibility. If an emergency situation occurs, the teacher will address it on an individual basis.


    Incomplete Work:

    Assignments are expected to be turned in completed. Assignments that are turned in but are not complete will not be graded and will be given an “INC” (incomplete). Students may choose to finish the work and turn it in the following day of partial credit.


    Make Up Work:

    It is essential that students be in class every day. If a student is absent for a short period of time (1-3 days), he/she will be given three school days to make-up his/her work. It is the responsibility of the student to get the make up work from the teacher. Assignments given prior to a student’s absence and due when you are absent should be tuned in on the day you return from school.


    All make up work can be found in the Make Up Book on the front shelf in the classroom or on line. Worksheets can be found in the appropriate class period file in the black box behind the Make Up Book. Missed notes can be copied from a friend or can be obtained from the teacher. For missed Warm Ups, write the date of the absence (s), the word “absent” for the Warm Up, and draw a line.




    Teacher Non-Negotiables:


    ·       Students are not to leave materials in classrooms. Items left in classrooms at the end of the day will be thrown away.

    ·       Unless given permission by the teacher, students are not to work on classwork, homework, or projects from other classes while in class. If a student is caught working on classwork, homework, or projects from other classes, the work will be torn up and thrown away.

    ·       Students are not to copy work from other students. If a student work is copied, both the copier and person copied from will receive zeros and a phone call home. Further instances of copying will result in referral to the office.


    Mastermind Team Grading Rubric











    Work is complete, all directions are followed, and answers are correct with few errors and show a superior understanding of content.





    Work is complete, all directions are followed, and most answers are correct. It shows mastery of content.





    Work is mostly complete, most directions are followed, and many answers are correct while other answers show minor errors. There is a basic understanding of content.





    Work is somewhat complete, directions are not followed completely, and some answers are correct but with major errors. There is little understanding of content demonstrated. 





    Work is not complete, directions were not followed, and most answers are incorrect. Student displays lack of understanding of content.



    If you need to contact Ms. McGready, you can call the school at 703-4143 or e-mail her via the school web site. E-mail is the preferred method of communication.