• Useful Links for Parents or Students

    For Parents!

    ALAN Online (the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents)
    Interested in Adolescent Literature for your student? So are they, and they've got more resources and tools and information than you may know what to do with!
    College Board: Connect to College Success
    Information about AP classes, the SAT, and generally how to help your student prepare for college.
    eSchool News: Technology for Today's K-20 Educator
    Keeps up with schools across the country and relays important news/stories.
    LD Online
    Excellent resources for parents of exceptional students.
    NC Standard Course of Study for English/Language Arts
    Describes the standards students will be held accountable for in high school English classes.
    NC Wise Owl
    Helpful research tools you might need to help your child with work.


    For Students!

    Free online texts with incredible breadth (and their FAQ)
    Copyright Bay
    A (somewhat silly) resource for all your (unfortunately serious) copyright and "fair use" questions
    Gmail by Google
    Free, huge storage email, accessible anywhere.
    MLA Handbook
    The style guide for writing of all forms.
    MP3.com - the source for digital music
    Free samples or music you might find useful for projects or other ends
    Sparknotes: Today's Most Popular Study Guides
    Study guides, excellent for supplementing what we read in class
    Strunk, William Jr. 1918 - The Elements of Style
    The original style and usage guide, Strunk & White, now online for ease of reference.
    Useful for general and obscure questions alike.
    Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds
    Amazing tool to change the way your poetry looks!