• Course Objectives
    In English I, students will:
    • Express reflections and reactions to literature and to personal experience
    • Explain meaning, describe processes, and answer research questions
    • Make and support an informed opinion
    • Participate in conversations about and written analysis of literary genres, elements, and traditions
    • Use knowledge of language and standard grammatical conventions
    • Evaluate communication and critique tests
    The final exam for English I is the North Carolina Common Core Exam, which is also a graduation requirement.
    Tentative Course Schedule
    We will explore literature thematically, which also gives us the opportunity to learn and review grammar, vocabulary, literary elements, and a wide variety of genres. This multi-faceted approach thoroughly prepares students for End of Course testing.
    Unit 1: Basic Training
    Unit 2: Preparing for Battle
    Unit 3: Challenges and Choices
    Unit 4: Spine Tinglers
    Unit 5: Moments of Discovery
    Unit 6: The Lighter Side
    Unit 7: reflections on the Past; Visions of the Future
    Unit 8: Hope and Aspirations
    Grading Standards
    • Assignments are graded in one of three categories: Test/Project 45% will be given for TESTS and all major assignments for which there are at least three day's notice, Quiz grades 20% will be given for ALL QUIZZES and grammar grades on projects and papers, Daily grades 30% will be given for any overnight homework or class activities. Your final exam, which counts 25% of the overall semester grades is your North Carolina English-End-Of-Course which is given at the end of the semester. This is a graduation requirement.
    • Each project and paper will receive at least two grades, a content grade which counts as a test grade, and a grammar grade which counts as a quiz grade.
    • For all major assignments, a Rubric will be provided for the students and posted on my Website. This rubric will detail and and all expectations for the assignments and must be turned in with the assignment. Losing a rubric for an assignment will cost you 5 points on the assignment.