• Dear Parents,
          I am always excited each year to have my returning, and new students come to groups.  There is the usual anticipation of a pleasant and productive year.  In order to guarantee your child, and all other students in my classroom, the learning environment they deserve, I will be using the following Discipline Plan.
    My Philosophy
          I believe all my students can behave appropriately in the classroom.  I will tolerate no student stopping me from teaching, and/or any student from learning
                                                                                  School-Wide Rules
                                                                    Respect. Readiness and Responsibility
                                                                              Use friendly words and actions
                                                                                 Listen and follow directions
                                                                         Speak quietly while inside the building
                                                                        Keep hand, feet, and objects to yourself                                                        
                                                            Be prepared with assignments and school supplies
                                                                                Byrom's Class Rules
                                                                Listen and follow directions the first time given
                                                                                Stay in your seat during class
                                                   Keep hands, feet, objects and negative comments to yourself
                                                                Use nice language and show respect to others
                                                             Consequences: If You Break a Rule....
                                                                       A verbal warning will be given the1st time
                                                                                Loss of stamp for 2nd warning
                                                       Note home to parent and possible "time out" for 3rd warning
                                                                   Discipline Referral (D1) for repeated warnings
                                           Severe disruptive behavior will be removed from class and go to the office