• Beginning of year notes

    Posted by Jennifer Church on 9/3/2014
    Hi everyone!
    Our school year has gotten off to a wonderful start!
    Just a few notes as we get settled in:
    1.  Warmups- students have a piece of paper called their "Warmup".  They get this piece of paper every Monday and turn it in every Friday.  The questions on there are review questions and should ALWAYS be answered in complete sentences!!  I take off points for incorrect answers and incomplete sentences.  Students are responsible for days they are absent.  Another part of their Warmup is to write down and answer their EQ each day (except Friday).  This assignment is a great way to make some good grades!
    2.  All students need to come prepared to school every day!  Already we have students asking to borrow pencils!  We also use our scissors and glue frequently so if your child does not have those items, please get some (the Dollar Store is a wonderful resource for this!). 
    3.  If you ever have any questions, please email me! 
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