•      Social Studies, as a class, is new to many 6th graders.  Some have had a limited experience with the subject and therefore have a limited vocabulary base to draw on.  Throughout the year we will work on expanding their vocabulary base and hopefully grow a deeper understanding of these words and the concepts they are tied into. This should help the students develop a much broader view of their own lives and the world they live in.

         During 2nd Quarter students are expected to take a minimum of 1 of their vocabulary quizzes without being provided with an accompanying word bank.  Students that do not choose to do this before the last three quizzes of the 2nd quarter will be given a quiz without a word bank for those last three weeks.
         During the 3rd Quarter the minimum number of quizzes without an accompanying word bank will be raised to 2, with the same procedure in place if they choose not to take these quizzes earlier in the quarter.
         During 4th quarter students will have to take a minimum of three quizzes with no word banks.
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Last Modified on April 4, 2016