• Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy @ Atkins School        

    Course Outline- Physical Education/Health 2015-2016

     Physical Education/Family Life Health for Middle School (6-8)

     1st period- 8:15 - 9:06             4th Period-10:41-11:26

       2nd period- 9:09 - 9:53          7th Period-1:35-2:18

      3rd period- 9:56 - 10:38          8th period-2:21-3:05  

     Clara Graham- Health & Physical Education Teacher (Grades 6-8)

     Office- 023 classroom 011     Office hours 12:00- 12:30

    Email address: crgraham@wsfcs.k12.nc.us Phone: (336) 703-6732

     Course Description: Healthful living education combined with physical education designed to help each student develop pro-active health promotion behaviors. Students should develop positive attitudes toward regular Physical activity and its effect on health. *Students will be able to perform a wide variety of body management skills. * Students will participate in activities with a variety of individuals who differ from each other. *Students will be able to perform a variety of small-sided team, dual, and individual lifetime activities that will provide for challenge, problem solving, and decision-making, appropriate risk—taking choices, fair play and sportsmanship behaviors before entering high school. (Resource NCDPI)

    Required materials: Gym fee 3.50 (lock, locker rental) **pay online**

    1 notebook, pencils for Health class, and a change of clothes for PE (tennis shoes, T-shirt/shorts)

    Class/ School rules: WSPA Daily Honor Roll (4 B’s and 3 A’s)

    Be Punctual, Be Prepared, Be on Task, Be Respectful
     Academics, Attendance, Attitude

     Grading Scale and Categories

    Dress Out: change into appropriate PE clothes= 30% of grade, Class procedures=10%

    Participation: class work and all physical activities in gym=50% and test/quizzes=10%Total= 100

      A  90-100
      B  80-89
      C 70-79
      D 60-69
      F 59- and below

     Attendance/Tardy Policy

    All students are expected to review and follow WSPA school policies. All attendance/tardiness will be recorded daily.

    Classroom Policies

    Students are expected to dress out for all classes!! Gym attire cannot be what students wear to school! Students are required to change clothes with the proper attire: tennis shoes, T-shirt and shorts. Sweat suit, sweat pants may be worn (depending on weather.) Consequence: grade deduction(s) will follow for students who do not adhere to class expectations according to class expectation policy.

    No personal electronics/ cell phones are to be seen in class without permission.

    No gum, candy or drink, except for water during PE activities is allowed in class or gym.

     Faculty/staff is not responsible for personal items left unsecured in gym/ class.

    Three days of non-participation/ not dressing out will warrant parent notification and consideration for failure.

     All students are expected to follow WSPA policies for expected behavior in the classroom, gym, locker room, and outside on the playing field.

     Test and Quizzes

    Tests: Pre and post test for physical fitness, health and Life skills classes. Quizzes may be given for some Health, Life skills and PE units. (Written and or student demonstration)Students are required to take a pre-post fitness test. Students will learn to check their BMI (body mass Index), learn how to make healthy choice and and maintain or improve their physical fitness.
    Texts in Health/ Life skillfulness Teaching Middle School Health, Family Life Middle School Guide and Meeks Heit-Sexuality and Character Education K-12
    The standard course of study may be found at: www.dpI.nc.us/healthfulliving



    Please check, sign and return to the Physical Education teacher for a grade!!!

     ___ I have read the requirements for Physical Education/ Health.

     ___ I have read the Handbook and understand the WSPA policies.

     ___ I understand the consequences for failure to participate/ dress out for PE.

     Parent signature __________________________________________________

     Telephone/ contact information _______________________________________

    Class Rules                                                                                        Consequences 
    1. Follow all of our school and handbook rules                                                             1. Ms. Graham's look
    2. Arrive to class on time                                                                                              2. Verbal Warning
    3. Come to class prepared to work                                                                               3. Document offense 
    4. Eating, drinking, texting, combing, brushing hair, profanity                                          4. Writing assignment explaining offense
    and earplugs are not allowed in class.                                                                            5. Call parent(s)
    5. Rise your hand to be acknowledge                                                                            6. D-Discipline Form- ADMINISTRATION
    6. Keep away from other people's property                                                                   
    7. Mind your own business                                                                                             
     8. Keep your area clean                                                                                                 
    9. Smile and be happy:-)
    NOTE**** We as a class discussed the importance of obeying the rules and regulations of our class/school. It's February and we know the rules!!!  Therefore if a students disobeys the rules he or she will receive a D-1 and the administration will  decide the consequence.