Mr. Craddock
                    It seems that summer vacation gets shorter each year.  This summer has beena very busy time for me, volunteer staff, and the members of the ImpactTeam.  The Impact Team completed a very informative session in San Antonio, Texas. Our School Planning and Management Team assisted in hiring our new administrative staff and teachers.  Wecommend their efforts and time they gave to help make this a great school year.  Several of us have attended technology workshops to prepare us for the upcoming year.

                     Over the past year, I have continually talked about the changes that will come, and think we are now in agreat position to continue our growth. You will have an opportunity to be a part of the change that will shape our school in many years to come.  I will discuss these changes at Open House and in our class meetings at the beginningof the school year. 


                     Remember, Freshmen orientation is August 21 from 8:50am- 3:40pm.  Open House is that same evening from 6:30-8:30pm.  So enjoy the rest of your summer because the time is almost near.


                     I am looking forward to another great Bobcat year, and hope that you are to. See you soon!