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    Foods 1

    This course examines the nutritional needs of the individual. Emphasis is
    placed on the relationship of diet to health, kitchen and meal management, food
    preparation and sustainability for a global society, and time and resource
    management. Skills in science, reading, and mathematics literacy are reinforced
    in this course.

    We will be participating in BYOD (bring your own device) this year so it is imperative that my students be ready to use technology!!!  We will also have projects that incorporate our A+ Arts emphasis!  I look forward to seeing your artistic side come to life!!
    I will have more information for you and your parents at Open House! 

     eat 5 a day
    Matierials Needed for Class
    1. 3 Subject spiral notebook
    2. Pen or Pencil
    3. Colored Pencils Or Colored Markers
    4. Glue Sticks (at least 3)
    5. Removable thumb drive for saving information we do in class! 
    6. Clorox Wipes for Classroom (optional)
    7. Tissues
    8. Ziplock bags or containers for leftovers


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