• Days and Times: will change for the 2012 / 2013 school year
    **Facilitators are subject to change
    Mrs. B. Hurdle, Facilitator, English II, IV
    Thursday, 8:00am - room 305
    TBA, Facilitator, English I
    Monday, 8:00am - room
    Mrs. C. Jeffries, Alternate Facilitator
    Mr. J. Poulin, Facilitator, Algebra I
    Monday, 8:00am - room 210
    Mrs. J. Dietrich, Facilitator, Algebra II
    Monday, 8:00am - room 210
    TBA, Facilitator, Geometry
    Monday, 8:00am - room 210
    Mrs. P. Griffith, Alternate Facilitator
    Mrs. C. Joyner, Facilitator, Biology, Physical Science (EOC)
    Monday, 3:50pm - room 604
    Mr. C. Vogel, Facilitator, Earth Environmental, Global Issues, Chemistry, Physics
    Monday, 3:50pm - room 603
    Mrs. E. Hefner, Alternate Facilitator
    Social Studies
    Mrs. C. Tripken - Mrs. L. Parnell, Facilitator
    Thursday, 8:00am - room 614
    TBA, Facilitator
    Wednesday, 8:15am - room 419
    Mrs. L. Parnell, Alternate Facilitator
    The Arts (Visual & Performing)
    TBA, Facilitator
    Monday, 8:00am - room 800
    TBA, Alternate Facilitator
    Foreign Language
    Mrs. A. Bailey, Facilitator
    Wednesday, 8:00am - room 410
    Mrs. S. Pinochet, Alternate Facilitator
    PE/Health/Life Skills
    Ms. D. Claytor,Facilitator
    Thursday, 8:00am - room TBA
    Mr. M. Gray, Alternate Facilitator
    Exceptional Children (EC)
    Mrs. E. Green, Facilitator
    Wednesday, 8:00am - room 108
    Mrs. J. Bishop, Alternate Facilitator
    Mrs. N. Harding, Facilitator
    Monday, 1:00pm - Guidance Conference room
    Mrs. S. O'Boyle, Alternate Facilitator
    Mrs. G. Head, Facilitator
    Wednesday, 8:00am - room 106
    Mr. C. Drew, Alternate Facilitator
    Ms. M. Phillips, Facilitator
    Wednesday, 8:15am room FACS Suite
    TBA, Alternate Facilitator
    School PLC Facilitator
    Mrs. C. Surratt
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