• MEETINGS BEGIN THIS WEEK!!!!!  9/1   9/4  (Tues and Fri Gold Division;   9/3 9/4 Thurs and Friday Blue Division)
    We will meet every week until our first competition in late October or Early Nov.  Lego Tournaments are also scheduled to be on the 1st and 2nd week of November and will begin at 8am  Sites in November to be announced at a later date.     
    On Behalf of all the Coaches I want to thank all who submitted requests to be part of our Lego/Robotics teams for 2015-2016.  The team will consist of 20 members from Sept-December as we compete in the Local (and Possible National) Competitions.  Once the season is over the Lego Robotics Club will open its membership to larger numbers in order to prepare and compete in the following years.  Congratulations to the following students for being named as our Fall 2015 "Mad Minutemen" teams!
     Team 1:  Gold Division  Mr Schnably's room 221 every Wednesday 2-3:30pm and Fridays Mr Schnably's room
    Claire Blackman
    Brady Bowman 
    Cassie Daukas
    Clayton Jordan
    Zakary Jordan
    Madison Linsacum 
     Darrius Tiller 
    Kamil Tomasewicz 

     TEAM 2:  BLUE DIVISION Mr Augustine's room every Thursday 2-3:30pm and Fridays Mr Schnably's Room 2-3:30PM
    Dale  ?
    Nash Carnes
    Abigail Creasy
    Duncan Fraser
    Savannah Jessup
    Jacob Howard
    David Specthart