• The School Improvement Team meets monthly to discuss ways to improve programs around the school. 
    Our SIT team meeting schedule is as follows:
    Click on link to review minutes from each meeting.
    Members of the 2019-2020 SIT are:
    Brooke Flynt-Chair
    Jackie Painting-Co-Chair 2nd grade
    Edwina Cain -Process Manager 
    Joy Gervasi-Media Coordinator
    Emily Herbert-K
    Pam Wood-1st
    LaQuetta Best 3rd
    Kristy Franklin 4th
    Christen Lee 5th
    Tonya Allison-Specialist
    Angie Farmer-Classified
    Krystle Thompson
    Angela McHam-Principal
    Anissia Scales-Assissant Principal
    Lara Overby-Instructional Facilitator
Last Modified on October 15, 2019