• Homework         
    All students are expected to complete their homework each night .  Please check your child's school agenda for homework assignments.  I don't require parents to sign the agenda each night, but if you find that your child isn't writing down the assignments, please email me and we'll work together to see that your child learns to complete this every day.  If a student doesn't have a homework assignment completed I require him/her to sign the Choice Book ,and the student is expected to bring in the completed homework on the next school day. I check the Choice Book each week.  Once a student has signed the Choice Book two times I notify the parent via email.
    Grading Scale
    WSFCS uses a 10 point grading scale. 

    A:  100-90
    B:  89-80
    C:  79-70
    D:  69-60
    F:  Below 69 
    **Missing assignments will receive a percentage of 0%
    **I do NOT give extra credit work in order to help a child raise a low grade.
    ** Daily homework will not be posted on this site.  It is your child's responsibility to copy homework from the board into the agenda each day. 
    All grades will be entered into Power School.   If you don't have a password to access your child's grades in the computer system, please contact the front office. Hard copies of progress reports are only sent home to those who don't have access to a computer.  The grade you see averaged in Power School  will be the grade your child receives on the report card.