• WS/FCS JROTC Course Information

    The Military Science (JROTC) program prepares students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as Americans. The program promotes graduation from high school and provides instructional opportunities that benefit the student and the community.

    Military Science is an elective under the FutureReady Core Course of Study. Cadets who successfully complete 18 weeks under the A/B block schedule (9 weeks under the regular block schedule) of JROTC may receive credit for Life Management Skills and PE II with approval of their guidance counselor and the JROTC Senior Instructor. The four basic JROTC courses, plus the add-on levels of LET V, must be completed successfully in sequence. Cadets may only take Level IV and V courses with the approval of the Senior Instructor.  Wearing the military uniform once a week is a requirement to participate in JROTC. While in uniform, cadets must meet the minimum appearance standards, including haircut standards.

    Honors credit is available for Levels lll and lV JROTC courses. The honors curriculum builds on previous JROTC courses and focuses on short- and long-range planning, decisionmaking skills, and the coordination, control and execution of cadet organization activities. It includes a research-based essay project and an oral presentation. Honors students must have previously completed JROTC III, apply to and be interviewed by the JROTC Leadership Board, and be approved by the Senior Service Instructor.