'Dr. Lisa England'
    Book Doctor
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    At Morgan Elementary we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy a library full of over 14,000 books! Part of a Media Specialist's job is to take care of the collection. A vital part of training students to be responsible patrons of the library is making sure they learn how to take care of the books as well.
    Health and nutrition is an integral part of our theme at Morgan. Striving for good health throughout our lives should always be a priority.  We must also do our best to keep our books 'healthy.' During a Book Care unit, 'Dr. England' makes an appearance, bringing with her a cart of books that could not be saved in the Book Hospital. All of these precious books were mistreated to the point that they can no longer be enjoyed by children!
    The books on the cart have a wide range of injuries: many of them have been written in; juice or other drinks have been spilled inside them, causing mold and mildew to form; some have been cut with scissors; mutilated by younger siblings; handled with sticky, dirty fingers; and some have even been chewed up by pets!
    Dr. England stresses the importance of planning ahead and finding that special, safe spot for library books at home. Children are taught how easy it can be to ruin a book and that we must all be held responsible if a book is injured, or lost, while it is in our care. It is very important if a student has an accident with a book that they are honest, show a sense of responsibility and bring it to 'Dr. England' for repairs.
    With all of us working together, our collection at Morgan will stay 'healthy' and be enjoyed for many years to come!