• Piney Grove Rules:      
                   Pay attention.      Always be prepared.   Work and act safely.        Show respect.
    • In 4th grade, we will be using online behavior management software called Class Dojo.  (www.classdojo.com)
    • Students will earn and lose points based on positive and negative behavior throughout the day.  Parents will be provided with a code to check their child’s behavior online.
    • Notes and Class Dojo reports will be sent home for parent signature as needed.
    • Positive behavior will be celebrated with in-class rewards from the Jones Prize Catalog.   
    • In fourth grade we focus on teaching students responsibility.
    • Students will be expected to record their homework in their agendas daily and complete all assignments.Please review and sign the agenda nightly to ensure homework is complete.
    • Please place agenda in 1 inch binder (NO large binders) that will be used for homework.  Your child’s binder MUST fit in their desk.  No exceptions. 
    • Students will have reading, vocabulary and math homework nightly (Mon.-Thurs.).  
    • Homework should NOT take more than 45 minutes.  If it does, let me know.
    • Homework can be found posted weekly on my school website.