• WS/FCS Classified Employees,

    On behalf of the Executive Team of the Classified Advisory Council (CAC), I would like to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year.  My purpose is to serve you as your mediator to the administrators of this district.  My plan is to communicate your concerns and issues to those who can lend an answer or institute a change.   I plan to provide the proper personnel to address our concerns and issues at our General Body Meetings.   With the support of Dr. Hairston, I will serve as a resource and work to keep classified employees informed of policies and procedures that relate to the welfare of all classified employees.

    Each school and work location has a classified representative on the Classified Advisory Council. These representatives make up the CAC General Body. The General Body and the Classified Executive Team come together to meet four times this school year to discuss issues and topics that are important to all classified employees. Your representative will take the information that they receive from these meetings and share it with you.  My request is that you know who your representative is and go to him/her with your concerns, issues, and/or questions.  All topics will be brought forward as anonymous so to respect the privacy of our employees.  

    If you feel to address me directly, please email me at cac@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or reference our electronic issue bin on the CAC Website.  Only I view the issue bin, therefore, I hope all will feel safe and confident to list any concern there.  

    Best wishes for a successful year,


    Wendy Hall

    EC paraprofessional

    Lowrance Middle School