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              Greetings. I am Wendy Hall, and I am the 2020-2021 chairperson for the Classified Advisory Council (CAC). On behalf of the Classified Executive team we would like to welcome you to WSFCS system. I have been an EC/TA for over 19 years. I hope this year to continue improving our communication between Classified employees and the district. Please see the link in the sidebar for BOE definition of a Classified Employee if you are not sure who one is. Together we are a large part of the school system and as the African proverb says it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to run this district. I personally want to thank everyone for the hard work you put forth to make it work. The future of our students is worth all the energy we put in to seeing them succeed.  


    If your principal/supervisor chose you to be a classified representative for your school, you will be attending the CAC meetings and then going back to your work site and sharing the information you received.  Please let your peers know that you are the representative for your school, so they know who to come to if they have questions. All questions that come to the Classified Executive team are anonymous and we respect the privacy of all employees.  


    Remember to some small steps are giant.

    Wendy Hall

    EC paraprofessional

    Lowrance Middle School