• Greetings from the Piney Grove Gym!  Mrs. Hayes' newsletters will help provide important information about Physical Education each month!  So here is your "Gymformation" for September!

    Fitnessgram updates
    Most students have now completed the Fall Pretest of the Fitnessgram Physical Fitness Measurement! Everyone did a great job, especially the 3rd grade student who took the test for the very first time.  The students were measured for muscular strength and  endurance (Pushup and Situp test), flexibility (Truck Lift and Sit and Reach Test), body mass index (Height and Weight), and cardiovascular Fitness (Pacer Test). The scores are baseline scores, which means starting scores. Before the end of October, students will be receiving a  Fall Fitnessgram report to share with parents. We will be working all year to improve each area of fitness. I encourage students to work toward improvement at home. Get the whole family involved! Toward the end of the year, we will take one more official measurement! Let's set our fitness goals high this year and become the best we can be!!!  Hats off to the wonderful parents and grandparents who helped with the testing! I don't know what I would have done without you!!!
    We are very fortunate in W-S Forsyth County to have HOPsports systems available to share among our schools. These computer systems are loaded with fun physical activities for our students. This week we are starting with a brand new activity for 2-5 grade called T-Bow's. The students are involved in a T-Bow cardio activity and a T-Bow balance activity. I encourage students to share with their parents what a T-Bow looks like and how we used it this week! Grades K-1 are having a blast warming up with Lazy Town via HOPSports!
    Other News From The Gym:
    During the month of September, Grades K-1 have been learning about:
    • Warming up
    • Personal Space
    • Moving Safely into Open Spaces
    • Locomoter Skills
    • Scooter skills
    • Building coordination through hula hoop exploration and jump roping
    • Cooperating
    • The nutrient fat and how exercise helps avoid the "Fat Attack"
    Grades 3-5 have been learning about:
    • Warming up
    • Building total health-physical, mental, social, emotional, character
    • Parts of physcial fitness
    • Ways to build muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance
    • Qualities of a good team player
    • Characteristics of good throwing