Parent involvement facilitates progress. You can help your child to learn language everyday!
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    * Listen as your child talks to you. Nod your head and smile to show that you  understand. Answer when your child  asks a question.
    *Let your child play with other children.
    *Talk about how things are the same and how they are different.
    *Help your child to tell about  feelings and ideas.
    *Read books together. Encourage your child to tell stories using books and pictures.
    * Ask questions that encourage your child to talk such as "why" and "how" questions rather than "what" questions.
    Language stimulation occurs when we talk with children. You can read books, listen to nursery rhymes, use simple  language, role play, name objects and describe their attributes (function, category, color, size, and texture). Visits to the grocery store, zoo, park, bakery are great opportunities for conversation, too!