Greetings to Students, Parents, Community Partners and WS/FCS Staff! 
    I am the school social worker for Main Street Academy and the Kingswood School on the campus of The Children's Home.  It is my goal to work with students and families to address obstacles to school success, such as attendance problems, behavior problems, mental health issues, child abuse or neglect, delinquency, substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and other emergency situations.  I collect information relevant to community resources and services so that I can answer your questions and make referrals as needed.
    My training and experience  include a focus on mental health services and truancy prevention, with previous employment at the Child Guidance Clinic and with the WS/FCS Office of Truancy Prevention, as well as years as a volunteer with the local Juvenile Drug Court.  I frequently attend  hearings in Juvenile Court for students who attend Main Street or Kingswood in order to participate in a coordinated service plan and to monitor school compliance with the student's plan.  It is my belief that students are more successful when they know that the family, school, court and community service providers are working together as one team for their benefit.
    My educational background includes an undergraduate degree in sociology from UNC-G and graduate degree in social work from UNC-CH.  I have served on numerous boards of community agencies, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Juvenile Justice Council, and Host Homes.  My most recent trainings relate to the NC Problem Gambling Program and to Motivational Interviewing, as well as training for law enforcement officers in school settings.