• Environmental

    To provide professional support and oversight in the field of environmental and indoor air quality issues, ensuring that each student and staff member has a safe, comfortable, and healthy learning and working environment.

    Contact Information
    Phone  336-661-4999,  Fax  336-661-4971                                             Bulb Recycling Guidelines            

    Ray Rivas, Environmental Coordinator

    Duties include:

    Serves as the contact person for all environmental and health issues from school system employees, administrative staff, federal, state, and local agencies.

    Investigates complaints concerning indoor air quality.

    Manages and maintains records on asbestos for each school, in compliance with state and federal requirements.

    Oversees lead-based paint remediation activities in elementary schools built before 1978.

    Oversees removal and site clearance of underground storage tanks in compliance with state and federal guidelines.

    Provides technical support and direction with respect to proper disposal of hazardous materials to include, but not limited to, chemicals from science labs, paints from art classes, etc.

    Provides technical support in areas of moisture intrusion, sewer line breaks, fuel spills, and vector control.
    Monitors storm water control structures through regular inspection, coordinating maintenance activities in order to maintain compliance with State and local municipalities.

    Partners with in-house/contract professionals to solve problems.