•  Grounds & Pest Control  

    Our Mission
    To safely provide effective and efficient quality service that enhances the learning process.

    Contact Information
    Phone  336-661-4975, Fax  336-661-4981

    Steve Cutright, Supervisor

    Thad Carter, Foreman
    Robert Mitchell, Foreman
    Our duties:
    We maintain the grounds at 80 sites with 1,046 acres of turf. 
    We have 25 full-time crew members, and six part-time crew members from May 1st through October 31st, that perform duties as follows:

    16 men, with four men in each of four mowing zones

    2 men to provide repairs for mowing crews, maintain shop, and service truck

    2 men to do preventative maintenance on playground equipment at 45 sites (132 playgrounds)

    3 men to operate heavy equipment and perform general grounds maintenance

    2 pest control technicians

    6 part-time men (four on mowing crews, two on heavy equipment crew)

    Description of duties:

    Our mowing crews currently maintain 1,046 acres of turf grass area with four mowing crews.  After completion of new sites listed in the current bond package we will add seven new sites to our mowing list that will add approximately 104 additional acres of turf grass to maintain.  The mowing operation also includes limb and debris removal, spraying weeds, and edging and blowing walks.

    Playgrounds: Our playground crew currently maintains 132 playgrounds at 45 schools.  We average installing five new playgrounds per year.  The crew maintains the impact surface, monitors equipment for safety issues, and replaces missing or worn parts.

    Heavy Equipment: Our heavy equipment crew is responsible for asphalt repairs and maintenance of parking lots and driveways, gravel lot maintenance, rock dust track maintenance, tree removal, storm drain repair, grading and sowing of mobile and modular classroom sites, installation of new signs and repair of damaged signs.  This crew responds to all work orders that do not pertain to mowing or pest control.

    Misc./Other:   We are responsible for snow and ice removal, fence repairs, leaf removal, and shrubbery trimming.  We also manage contract work for high school tennis courts and track resurfacing, stadium athletic field fertilization and weed control, and replacement of storm drains.

    Pest Control: We have two licensed pest control technicians that are responsible for controlling indoor and outdoor pest problems at all schools and other system facilities.  The crew does routine preventive maintenance inspections of all facilities and handles routine and emergency pest control work orders.