• Back to School!

    Posted by Mrs. Smith on 8/15/2013
    Welcome back, fourth graders!  I'm excited about the new school year.  Get ready for an adventure!
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  • Today's Bottom Lines

    Posted by Mrs. Smith on 8/15/2013
    This is where students will post a summary of what we learned each day!  The post should be completed during the last fifteen minutes of school (or at home), and should include a sentence or two about what we covered in each subject area.  Make it short and sweet!
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  • How Do I Blog?

    Posted by Mrs. Smith on 8/15/2013
    Simply click on "Comments" in the blog, and type your comment!  Please use correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.  Also, please write in complete sentences.  HAVE FUN BLOGGING!
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  • The Lost Colony

    Posted by Mrs. Smith on 11/1/2011
    What do YOU think happened to the Lost Colony?  Be sure to give evidence to back up your opinion!
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