HVAC & Refrigeration


    Our Mission
    To provide effective and efficient quality service that enhances the learning process.

    Contact Information
    Phone  336-661-4928, Fax  336-661-4971

    David Hutchens, Supervisor

    Terry Flinchum, Supervisor


    Bipolar Ionization


    Our duties:
    We service and maintain 5575(+/-) pieces of HVAC equipment.  We also service and maintain 850(+/-) pieces of medium and low temperature refrigeration equipment for the Child Nutrition Division.

    We have a total of 14 technicians that perform various duties as follows:

    7 technicians and two apprentices service and maintain the HVAC equipment.  Each technician is responsible for one of seven zones that include roughly 12 sites each.

    3 technicians are filter and preventive maintenance personnel, servicing all sites which are split into three zones.

    2 technicians service and maintain the refrigeration equipment.