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    It is hard to believe that we are entering fourth quarter already.  We have a busy nine weeks ahead of us.  We have crossed many hurtles, but we still have the EOG's looming on the horizon.  I am confident that our children will do just fine! 


    Math: We are working on measuring angles, understanding and comparing decimals, as well as computational fluency and problem solving. We are also working on a continual review of all of the concepts taught this year.On occasion, please look over your child’s shoulder and see if they need any additional help with the concepts they are working on.  Sometimes, children just need to hear the same information from a different mouth to be successful. 


    Social Studies:  We will be studying how a market economy impacts life in North Carolina. We will also explore the economic factors involved when making personal choices.  We will also look at symbols that are important to North Carolina.
    Science: We will soon be starting our unit on forces and motions. We will also explore the concepts of
    electricity and energy conservation.  

    Language Arts: This quarter, we will continue to work on improving their skills and in exploring other forms of writing.Students will also be studying grammar. 


    Reading: We are still working in small guided reading groups, where we are continuing our work on comprehension.  We continue to work on mastering important reading skills, such as story elements, comparing and contrasting point of view, and interpreting point of view.


    Again, if you have any questions or concerns, send me an email or give me a call.  I thank you for your partnership!