Our Mission
    To maintain all school system facilities for a safe and pleasant learning and working environment for sudents and staff.

    Contact Information
    Phone  336-661-4976, Fax  336-661-4971

    Chris Willard, Supervisor 
    Rodney Miller, Asst. Supervisor 
    Our duties:
    The Paint Department has the responsibility to maintain interior and exterior painted surfaces at all facilities throughout the WSFC School System, which currently numbers 80 sites.

    We have a total of 16 painters that perform various duties as follows:

    12 men who make up two crews of six who are assigned to schools and other facilites for scheduled painting

    4 men who make up two teams for other routine work orders and for call-in emergencies

    Description of duties:

    Buildings:  Regularly scheduled paint and maintenance

    Vandalism:  Removal or cover of interior and exterior graffiti

    Gym floors:  Layout and painting of game courts on tile and wood floors

    Parking lots:  Striping and marking

    Flag poles:  Painting and repairing

    Contract:  Location and oversight of contractors for exterior cleaning of mobile units, and for refinishing of gym and stage floors