Plumbing and Boilers


    Our mission
    To provide a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for students and faculty, and to earn the trust and respect of students and faculty by providing excellent service.

    Contact Information
    Phone  336-661-4972, Fax  336-661-4927

    Larry Ragan, Supervisor 
    Tad McClamrock, Asst. Supervisor 


    Our duties:
    Maintenance of plumbing, including kitchens, maintenance of water and sewer mains to and from buildings, maintenance of combustion equipment, including gas, oil, and electric heating and process boilers, and mobile and modular unit plumbing installation.

    We have a total of 11 technicians, with four who hold a NC Class P-1 Contractors Plumbing License, and who perform various duties as follows:

    7 Plumbers

    4 Boiler Burner Technicians

    We handle approximately 4000 work orders per year, with 15-20% being emergency calls that require rapid response. It is our continuing goal to provide training and testing to ensure that we are staffed with highly trained and competent personnel.