• Art I Syllabus
    NBC Art Educator Alice Morley
    All Art Students Have Creative Responsibility'
    Each Visual Art Student will complete several service' projects that benefit our community.
    (A)  Class Introduction, Studio Practices & Procedures, Safety & Classroom Protocol (Rules).

    (B) The Altered Book Altered Books are EVERY FRIDAY.

    (C) The Elements & Principles of Art

    Elements: Line, Shape, Form, Space, Color, Value, Texture

    Principles: Rhythm, Movement, Balance, Proportion, Variety, Emphasis, Harmony, Unity - Students will be required to learn all of the elements and principles and how they are applied to their work. This is on-going throughout the Mount Tabor art curriculum.
    (1) Line: Portfolio, Lettering & Self Expression. Students will produce a " visual" vocabulary word.

    (2) Shape/Line/Composition: Students will produce a contour/gesture drawing using marker and tempra.

    (3) Value/Movement: Students will create an imaginary creature based on simple kitchen/household implements or tools. Photo-Realism & Mixed Media techniques are encouraged in this composition.

    (4) *Required* Superintendant's Holiday Card Students will create a Seasonal' card for the Superintendant's Holiday Card Contest.

    (5) Space/Color/Texture: Self portrait; Photography, H2O color & patterning techniques will be applied in this work.

    (6) Form: (Clay) Students will create a freestanding sculpture based on previous student works.

    (7) The Mount Tabor Aesthetic Students will create a graphic design to add to the overall aesthetic of Mount Tabor High School. This winning piece, chosen from all completed entries will reside somewhere in the school.

    (8) Emphsis/ Movement: Perspective, Students will create an environment that demonstrates a basic understanding of light source and perspective.

    (10) Cooperative Learning/ Collage Students
    will work together in groups to create a collage based on a famous work of art.

    * Assignments are subject to change depending on system-wide requirements or guidelines.